Artists Depict The Experiences Of Detained Immigrants In Hauntingly Beautiful Works Of Art

Detained Migrants Letters Art

Visions From The Inside enlisted 15 artists to create art inspired by letters from women with families in for-profit immigration detention centers, and the results are beautiful, haunting and thought-provoking. The collaboration between CultureStrikeMariposas Sin Fronteras and End Family Detention, spotlights the experiences of women in the detention centers and beautifully illustrates their unbreakable spirits and quest for a better life.

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The image to the left, drawn by Favianna Rodriguez, depicts one woman's fear of ICE officers. "I am afraid that if I stay in this center something could happen to me or my daughter because ICE tries to cover up everything and all news that happens here," said the anonymous detainee in the letter that inspired the work of art. 

Rodriguez says she created the piece to depict "both the dignity and the suffering that women endure in for-profit detention centers."

"The women detained in Karnes County Detention Center have endured physical abuse, rape by prison guards, and the constant sicknesses of their children," she said in a statement. "In this piece, I wanted to show the ways in which prison degrades and abuses women. I used a jagged brush stroke to show the harshness of detention, and the human suffering or women who come to this country in search of a safe haven." 

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For more information on how you can help end family detention, visit End Family Detention's official website. For more images, visit Visions From The Inside.