Danny Pino and Dave Navarro Take a Stand to End Domestic Violence

We've all heard the same excuses over and over again: "Boys will be boys." "He was drunk." "It only happened once."

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These are the harmful statements that are made in defense of violence against women and defending men's lucrid actions.

But some male celebrities, including Danny Pino, Dave Navarro, Ice-T, Nick Lachey and Raul Esparza, among others, are collaborating with Mariska Hargitay's Joyful Heart Foundation to take a stand against domestic and sexual violence. 

We all know how deeply rooted the "boys will be boys" mentality is embedded in the Latino community as a result of machismo culture. As long as we let these types of statements stand for themselves, we perpetuate the ideas that violence against women isn't a priority. 

“Deep cultural change does not happen overnight,” said Hargitay. “It’s going to take time. It’s also going to take smart, engaged, committed, creative, determined people applying their best thinking to these issues. It’s going to take enough people in enough communities deciding that they’ve had ENOUGH.” 

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Check out the PSA above and share it with your loved ones. Let them know that we've all had ENOUGH.