Things Cubans Do That Americans Might Find Weird

If you’ve ever met a Cuban person or been invited to their house, you might have come away scratching your head at some pretty different habits. Just like our Dominican friends, there are some things Cubans do that others might find out of the ordinary. In fact, here are 10 things Cubans do that Americans might find, well, just a tad bit weird:

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1. 1. Eat cream cheese & pasta de guayaba as a snack.

There’s nothing quite like coming home and having mami fix you up a few saltine crackers smothered with cream cheese and topped by a slide of guava paste. Mmmm mmm.

2. 2. Swear that there is no better musician than Celia Cruz.

“Azucar!", “La Negra Tiene Tumbao”, “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” and more were regular Sunday stapes in your house. The Beatles are great, sure, but there’s no one like La Reina. 

3. 3. Call your daughter, friends and family members gordita.

What do you mean you don’t call your loved ones “fattie” as a term of endearment? This isn’t just a Taco Bell treat but just what we call the women in our lives. Whether they like it or not.

4. 4. Drinking a cortadito all day, every day.

We don’t need a 5-hour energy drink, redbull or a tall caramel macchiato to start the morning. Instead, we opt for the magical cortadito, the Cuban espresso topped by steamed milk. Delicioso!

5. 5. “I’m not yelling, I’m just Cuban” is our motto.

We talk loudly. Not just when we’re anxious or excited or in a fight, but fairly constantly. Cubans generally have two decibel levels: loud and louder. And we’re proud of it! 

6. 6. Hate cigarettes but know that cigars are perfectly safe.

Look, our abuelito smoked cigars every day of his life and he grew to be 100 years old, okay? Cigarettes are disgusting but a Cuban cigarro is no big deal at all. 

7. 7. It’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas without a La Caja China.

While we admit that turkey is pretty delicious, no holiday meal is complete without making a lechon in La Caja China. It’s the perfect way to roast your pig and we just can’t help ourselves.

8. 8. Locking doors is never okay, and bursting in is accepted.

We grew up in a house where mami wouldn’t let us close the door, so bursting in at any time of the day was perfectly acceptable. Can we help it if we repeat the same actions?

9. 9. “Oh, I saw that one! It’s the one where…”.

Going to the movies with a Cuban? Probably a bad idea. If it’s a movie we’ve seen, we’ll spend the entire time talking about what’s happening next. What spoilers?

10. 10. Coca-cola? Oh, you mean Materva and Jupiña!

You might have grown up drinking regular old Pepsi or Coke but we grew up drinking Cuban sodas like Materva (a mate-based soft drink) and Jupiña (a sweet pineapple drink).