Is This Mexican Statue of the Virgin Mary Really Crying?


Mexico is reeling after the recent catastrophic earthquake that devastated the country killing more than 300 people. Now locals in the southern village of Cupilco are convinced the sadness is being felt on a divine level.

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Reports have surfaced that the statue of the Virgin Mary has been weeping and moving its hands ever since the earthquake, while others say it’s merely an optical illusion. Either way, devout Catholics and politicians have been traveling to the village to see the miraculous event for themselves.

Lawmaker Candelaria Perez Jimenez said, “I came not for the curiosity, but for faith… Undoubtedly the Virgin hurts a lot with what has happened in Mexico: earthquakes, hurricanes, child deaths, God is calling us to make us aware.”

Here's a photo. What do you think?

In the wake of the tragedy, rescue crews continue to search through the rubble to find missing people and celebrities like Salma Hayek have pledged donations. If you'd like to help, click here for info.

H/T: Metro