These Gay Lotería Cards Are Everything Queer Latinxs Have Been Waiting For

Our favorite Mexican card game has gotten a super colorful, queer upgrade, and we couldn't be more excited about it. 

Chicano artist Félix Frédéric d'Eon created "Gay Lotería" in 2016 for gay Latinxs to be able to have fun with the game in a hyper-relatable way. He told Vivala that they "work best as a conglomeration of images, working in unity to create an image of queer Mexican-ness."

In his interview, he went into how his "outsider status" as both queer and Latino gave him another outlook on the world that is more difficult for a straight, white person to access. 

"It is an understanding of marginalization which opens up other vistas," he continued. "My entire artistic trajectory has been molded by my sexual and ethnic identity."

Frédéric d'Eon told Vivala that growing up as a Catholic Mexican wasn't easy. His family is from a very small Mexican town and it was hard for him and his family to accept his sexual orientation. But he said that his family is fully aware of his work and, while some don't approve, the majority are supportive.

Check out some of the amazing cards down below.

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(h/t Vivala)

1. La Chichifa

All of Frédéric d'Eon's pieces are hand-drawn, only using digital modification in post-production when the original piece is scanned in.

2. Las Jainas

While he's been working as a full-time professional artist for 10 years, the Chicano has been creating art his whole life.

3. La Tijera

"La Tijera" is a piece he finds really funny.

4. El Diablo

"I very much enjoy making work that addresses the desire and self-identity of my own community, which has been underrepresented," he said.

5. La Luna

"La Luna" keeps it super sweet and cute. 

6. La Bandera

"I don't often paint rainbow flags," Frédéric d'Eon said. "But I like the historical revisionism of this piece, which sort of pushes gay pride and identity into a mythical Mexican past, seeing as I have replaced the original image's Mexican flag from the 1930s with the new image of queer pride and identity."

7. El Closet

"El Closet" is one place many Latinx people sadly know all too well.

8. El Sireno

"I feel like as a gay artist working for a queer audience has provided me with an endless list of subjects and themes to address which have heretofore gone unpainted," he said.

9. La Muxe

"La Muxe," a type of third gender, is a local and indigenous identity specific to Zapotec culture. 

10. El Mundo

"Queer love and desire is utterly natural and beautiful, and worthy of celebration," he said.