Check Out These Tide Pods You'll Actually Want to Eat

By now you've probably heard about the infamous Tide pod challenge where many teenagers were uploading videos of themselves eating laundry detergent. While some people found it amusing, most people thought it was shocking and unsafe. If you're one of the latter, we've found the perfect Tide pod for you. They're called Tide Pod Conchas.

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Joe Andy Garcia is the San Antonio baker responsible for these. He told the San Antonio Express-News that the inspiration came from Tide Pod Cookies that he saw on Facebook. "Since I do conchas, I was pretty sure I could make this," he says. 

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Unfortunately for those of you who live outside of the San Antonio area, Cakes by Jandy is not a bakery that's open to the public. Garcia is a baker that works from home and even if you are in San Antonio, he asks that all orders be placed a few days in advance. If you are interested in trying a Tide pod concha, or maybe you want a custom-made order, you can reach Garcia by sending him an Instagram DM.