Census Says 38 Million in the U.S. Speak Español

“Yet, at the same time that more people are speaking languages other than English at home, the percentage of people speaking English proficiently has remained steady,” Ryan added.

The amount of Spanish-speakers in the U.S. was recently highlighted by Mexican actor Diego Luna during an appearance on Conan. This past Monday, the 33-year-old asked if host Conan O’Brien spoke Spanish and broke down the importance of the language to our fave late night redhead.

“The thing is if you want to keep your job in this network, you’re going to have to learn Spanish,” Luna said. “You know like 47 million people speak Spanish today, and we like having sex, so multiply that [by] eight in ten years.”

His number may have been a bit off from what the U.S. Census, but this is two years later - and we get the point. Learn español, or you’re going to be left out of future conversations.