Meet Carlos Arredondo: Boston Marathon Bombing Hero Helps Wounded Victim

While some describe him as the man in a cowboy hat, others simply refer to him as a hero. Carlos Arredondo, 52, ran from the bleachers as soon as he heard the horrifying blast during the Boston Marathon. Photographers from the Associated Press snapped the Costa Rican immigrant rushing to people’s aid, including a man who lost his legs after the tragic blast and was being rushed in a wheelchair.

A Red Cross volunteer, Arredondo was at the marathon cheering a runner who had dedicated their race in honor of his son, who was killed in Iraq in 2004. Arredondo's other son committed suicide in 2011. Now he leads an organization for fallen war heroes along with John Mixon, who also joined the dedicated bystander during the event.

Watch Arredondo being interviewed about the tragic event on page 2: