#BrujaAndBlessed: Tatianna Tarot Breaks Down the Art of Tarot Cards


On this week’s episode of Bruja and Blessed, host Connie Chavez sat down with tarot card reader and ritual practitioner Tatianna Tarot to discuss the beauty and power manifested in this art form. 

Tarot cards are one of many forms of divination. They are commonly used to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person or event. This brujita has dedicated her life to highlighting the benefits and services of magic for those who seek to transform, discover and connect with spirituality through traditional practices that society deems as taboo. Tarot is simply a tool we can use to discover our true power. She states, “Through this tool, I have learned that the immense power we yield is unfathomable, yet we choose to live our lives oblivious to the magic that surround us.”

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She also blessed us with a reading for the month of May! Watch all the knowledge this bruja brought to the table in the episode below.

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