#BrujaAndBlessed: La Loba Loca Talks Herbal Medicina Feminista


On this week’s Bruja and Blessed, host Connie Chavez sat down with fellow peruana La Loba Loca to talk about radical self-love, herbal feminist medicine and the influences of the heteropatriarchy.

Loba starts by sharing a story with us of when she was visiting her grandmother in Puno, Peru last summer. “I was reading stories about brujas Andeans to my grandmother when she said she witnessed a bruja being burned alive in her town.” Loba believes brujeria and spirituality are resistance practices that reclaim the power that was lost from us through colonialism, white supremacy, patriarchy and other systems of oppression. Today, Loba is an educator, among many things, who conducts knowledge shares around the U.S., teaching herbal medicine, oral history, practical tools and so much more. She refers to herself as a Queer, Machona, South American Migrant, student weaver, researcher, writer, body-powered tattooist, crafter, full spectrum companion, midwife student, seed-saver, gardener and life-long student.”

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