#BrujaAndBlessed: How to Create Your Own Ancient Herbal Bath for Prosperity

On this week’s Bruja and Blessed, we sat down with Stephanie Flor, the founder of Around The World Beauty and host of Sacred Beauty.

This fellow bruja shared a fun DIY herbal bath recipe to re-create at home. Herbal bathing is a coming-of-age practice that young women would do in ancient times as they hit their moon cycle and before giving birth. The elders would craft a special bath for prosperity, protection and self-love. Now, thanks to this brujita, you can enjoy a purifying bath to align your energies right at home. The magic of herbal bathing is that it changes the vibrational frequency in the emotional, mental, physical and astral bodies. With the help of sunlight, herbs, intention, prayer and water, you can energize and uplift the bath to heal you. Herbal bathing helps relax tense muscles, opens pores, encourages digestion, softens the skin and assists in detoxification.

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