Boxing Coach Works With Police To Prove His Wife Hired A Hitman to Kill Him

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Puerto Rican native Ramon Sosa shared a successful and what seemed like an ideal life with his beautiful wife Maria 'Lulu' Sosa. This picture-perfect marriage was cut short in 2015 when the 50-year-old boxing coach received a call from a friend that shook him to his core. His adorned wife was looking for a hitman to kill him. Upon receiving the news, the two friends set out to prove her devious plan and have her arrested. This plan included faking his death, and surely enough, it worked. The boxing coach recently released gruesome photos of his staged murder, which wouldn't have successfully happened without the help of FBI and Texas police officers.

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According to Daily Mail, the couple, who got married in 2010 shared a very fitness-enthusiastic lifestyle and even opened a gym together. There, she was a fitness trainer and he a boxing coach. In 2015 however, their business slowly began to crumble, and they were faced with severe financial worry. It was around that same time that the wife he adored so much asked for a divorce. As if that wasn't heartbreaking enough, the Puerto Rican was told by a friend named Gustavo that his soon-to-be ex-wife had asked for a hit on him and offered $2,000 to any hitman who would be willing to do so. 

Sosa and Gustavo decided that they would devise a plan to gather evidence of her murderous intentions. It is evident that the 43-year-old Mexicana did not realize that her husband was friends with the man (who had been previously coached by him) so they used that to their advantage and wired up to record her plans. “After recording his meeting with her, where Gustavo pretended to know two hitmen, we took the tape to the police, who were shocked – but came up with a great plan. They asked me to pretend to be dead so that we could show the pictures to Lulu.” said the boxing coach in an interview with Daily Mail.



Both FBI and Texas police worked with Sosa to stage his murder and take pictures to show Lulu. The photos include detail-oriented makeup to look like he was shot in the head and had him lying in a ditch in the desert – Texas Rangers helped dig his fake grave. The gruesome shots were then taken to the "widow" by an undercover cop pretending to be the hitman. Apparently, the cold-hearted ex-wife laughed, but not long after, it was apparent who had the last laugh. 

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“Lying in the dirt, pretending to be dead, was terrifying,” recalled the coach. “When I first met Lulu, I certainly didn’t expect our relationship to end like that.” While it's an uneasy feeling knowing the one you loved would do such a thing, one can be thankful for the support of friends, family and the policemen who helped save his life.