11 Amazing Body-Positive Illustrations of Mexican Olympic Gymnast Alexa Moreno

Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno made headlines (and hashtags) during her matches last week in Rio. While she was trending at first for all of the wrong reasons (i.e. body-shaming trolls who did nothing but criticize her figure), the rest of the Twitter community came to her rescue and highlighted how talented she is. 

"Gymastics is a sport for brave people," she said in an interview with Americas Now on CCTV last month. "You need to be dedicated, have a strong will, and lots of persistency. I won't stop until I have reached my goals."

To demonstrate exactly how proud everyone is of Moreno, several Mexican artists created pieces dedicated to her and posted them on Instagram. Check out some of the best illustrations dedicated to the athlete's talent, strength and bravery. 

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1. Alexa Moreno Illustration#1


#alexamoreno #orgullodemexico #joseacostaillustration #Rio2016

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Artist Jose Acosta is totally showing off what "the pride of Mexico" looks like.

2. Alexa Moreno Illustration#2


Amé este dibujo de Alexa Moreno <3 #alexamoreno #mx #mexico #juegosolimpicos #rio2016 #rutina #woman #rutina #beaty

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"Loved this drawing of Alexa Moreno!" says this IG user. 

3. Alexa Moreno Illustration#3

Glowing in that much-deserved spotlight.

4. Alexa Moreno Illustration#4

"The beauty of movement, dance, and the human body have always been inspirations for drawing. All of this we can appreciate in the talent of Alexa Moreno, Gymnast in #Rio2016 and example for all of Mexico."

5. Alexa Moreno Illustration#5


Orgullo nacional #AlexaMoreno

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Presenting the true representation of "National Pride."

6. Alexa Moreno Illustration#6

Showing off that Mexican pride, as always.

7. Alexa Moreno Illustration#7


#alexamoreno #rio2016 #roastbrief #masapoyomenoscriticas

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"You just have to show that you can do it!"

8. Alexa Moreno Illustration#8

"You're our inspiration to keep going, Alexa."

9. Alexa Moreno Illustration#9


#AlexaMoreno #rio2016

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As positive and happy as ever.

10. Alexa Moreno Illustration#10


#alexamoreno #stopbodyshaming #strongwomen #fierceasfuck #olympics #gymnast #badassbabe

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Demonstrating the importance of strong women. #StopBodyShaming

11. Alexa Moreno Illustration#11

"When you have the strength, determination, and courage to get to the Olympics, nothing else matters. Congratulations, Alexa."