#BlackLivesMatter & Latina: African American & Latino Men Talk Unity This Friday

#BlackLivesMatter & Latina: African American & Latino Men Talk Unity This Friday

Eric Garner. Alton Sterling. Michael Brown Jr. Tamir Rice. Freddie Gray. Anthony Nunez. Raul Saavedra-Vargas. Vinson Ramos. The list goes on and on and on.

African American and Latino men are under attack. Historically, black and brown men have lived side by side in the struggle against discrimination, inequality and poverty. Subsequently, the Black Lives Matters movement is closely aligned with Latinos and our everyday struggle.

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In continuation of our weekly BLM-inspired roundtable discussions, this Friday, July 22, we invite you to visit our Facebook page for the next episode. The following African American and Latino men will discuss what it’s like to live in their skin: Jerry L. Barrow (Managing Editor, WatchLoud.com), Alvin Blanco (Deputy Editor, HipHopWired.com), Joell Ortiz (Slaughterhouse MC), Bodega Bamz (MC), Anslem Samuel Rocque (Writer/Editor, TheRoot.com, Essence, Complex), Khalid Salaam (Writer/Editor, Slam, Esquire, BleacherReport.com), and Latina’s own Entertainment Director, Jesus Trivino.

Watch Facebook.com/LatinaMagazine on Friday, July 22nd at 12:30PM to view and join the discussion.