The 10 Meme Trends That Made 2016 Slightly Bareable

Let's face it: 2016 was kind of a hot mess. But what made everything worth it in the end? The iconic memes that were produced this year.

We can always count on the shady people of the Internet to make us laugh in times of darkness. Ahead, check out some of the best meme trends of 2016.

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1. BMSS16: Meme 1

Arthur's Fist

Our favorite aardvark cartoon just got a whole lot more sass. Arthur's Fist memes perfectly described how we felt whenever anyone was pissed.

2. BMSS16: Meme 2

Skai Jackson 

This Disney childstar epitomized pettiness this year with her blank face and expressively shady looks. 

3. BMSS16: Meme 3

The Confused Math Lady

Unsure about what mami is trying to tell you about your life? Confused about how Donald Trump got elected? Confused Math Lady felt your feels this year.

4. BMSS16: Meme 4

Crying Jordan

Crying Jordan is probably the one meme that encompasses all of 2016 (because we were all crying about something this year).

5. BMSS16: Meme 5

Los XV Años de Rubi

Every Latinx on earth found themselves wanting an invite to Rubí Ibarra García's quince after her invite video went viral

6. BMSS16: Meme 6

Joe Biden

Who knew our VP could be so petty? In the aftermath of the presidential election, so many people took to meme Vice President Joe Biden throwing all the shade at president-elect Donald Trump.

7. BMSS16: Meme 7

DJ Khaled

After blowing up on snapchat, DJ Khaled took over pop culture this year in a way that no artist has ever done before. His catch phrases became ours within a matter of days as we walked with him down the path of success. #BlessUp

8. BMSS16: Meme 8

Joanne the Scammer

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the messiest of them all? In 2016, we realized anyone could live in a caucasian home — you might just have to scam your way into it. 

9. BMSS16: Meme 9

Confused Mr. Krabs 

This Mr. Krabs meme epitomizes the saying, "IT JUST ALL HAPPENED SO FAST!"

10. BMSS16: Meme 10

Evil Kermit

At this point, Kermit might as well be the ambassador of all meme-making — there is no right or wrong way to do a Kermit meme. However, Evil Kermit definitely made a huge splash (and laugh) in our lives this year.