The Best Colleges For Latinos

A new report titled “Finding The Workforce: The Top 25 Institutions Graduating Latinos,” highlights the best colleges for Latinos in the U.S. The study comes in light of new pew study results that emphasize the growing Latino population and an increase in the amount of high school students who are entering the world of higher education.

The study, conducted by a non-profit Washington-based organization named Excelencia in Education, reports that the number of Latinos acquiring a bachelor’s degree or higher increased from 2.1 million to 3.8 million within ten years. That’s an impressive 80 percent jump.

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According to the report, the top college for Latinos to obtain an associate degree is Miami Dade College. Likewise, Florida State International is the top university to receive a bachelor degree. The state school also makes it on the top of the list for master’s programs. Other four-year institutions on the list include, Columbia University, New York University, and Arizona State University.

Latinos Closing Achievement Gaps in Higher Education

Although more Latinos are working towards their college degrees, the study also shows that we trail behind in college graduation rates compared to other ethnic groups. While 21 percent of Latinos have obtained an associate degree, the amount is still the lowest compared to the Black, White, and Asian demographics.

During a press call, the organization’s vice president of policy and research, Deborah Santiago said, "We need to celebrate the progress, but know that more needs to be done."

What are your thoughts on the statistics?