These Memes Perfectly Describe Going Back to School While Latino

No matter if it's your first day of third grade or the first day of senior year, we can all agree that going back to school is rough.

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After a long, restful summer with fun in the sun, all of a sudden you have mami waking you up and shaking you to get dressed and ready at an ungodly hour. You're worried about what you're going to wear, the classes you're going to take and everything that comes with the dark, unknown territory of a new year. 

Check out these memes that totally describe the feelings you get going back to school.

1. Back to School Memes


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You've been planning this outfit since mid-August to stunt on everyone, from the popular girls to the cute new transfer student in class. 

2. Back to School Memes


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You're still on summer hours, so when mami woke you up at 6 a.m. for school, you were not having it.

3. Back to School Memes

Always have to have the florals on fleek — with the Flamin' Hot Cheetos in the front pocket of your Jansport, of course.

4. Back to School Memes


Back to normal tomorrow. #firstdayofschool

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But you knew you were about to be looking like a bum once that first day magic wore off. 

5. Back to School Memes

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Of course you run into the popular girls who are going to make your life a nightmare...

6. Back to School Memes

But no matter what, you know you'll pull through. You got your head on straight and you're focused for the new year. Just like Mr. Escalante in Stand and Deliver said...