Artist Uses Paint to "Erase" the U.S.-Mexico Border

Artist Ana Teresa Fernández is "erasing" the U.S.-Mexico border by painting the fence that divides the two countries the color of the sky.

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"This wall has become a symbol of pain, a symbol where we lament the lives who have not been able to cross it," said Fernández, who was born in Mexico and raised in San Diego, Calif.

For her and the 30 volunteers who helped her paint the fence in Nogales, Sonora, the coloring of the border is an act of protest on behalf of migrants.

"For me, the border, the border wall, is like a tombstone," the 34-year-old said. She added: "It's not erasing the border, it's pulling the sky down to us."

Susannah Castro, of Border Community Alliance, initiated the project.

"We're not doing anything illegal. We're a humanitarian organization, and we're not gonna shy away from these topics," she said.

But many are still unhappy. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Fernández disclosed that she is receiving a lot of hate mail from people who are calling her a "Mexican terrorist" and "Mexican Al-Qaeda." While painting, Fernández was also stopped by authorities, who said she was defacing the wall and arrested her. The artist was ultimately let go.

"I think this project is feared because it re-contextualizes a possibility. It makes you not see the border — just for a split second — and [makes you see] how two countries can exist, or coexist, peacefully," Fernández said.

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Watch her interview with Al Jazeera above.