An Artist Repainted A Selena Quintanilla Doll And the Resemblance Is Striking

He's done it again.

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Noel Cruz, a professional painter who custom makes dolls to look more realistic, has once again given a Selena Quintanilla doll a makeover that will make you do double takes. The original Selena doll, which Cruz described as "hideous," was a 1997 doll by Arm Enterprise that emulated the Queen of Tejano's memorable Grammy look. Though the red lips and the strapless white gown did resemble the Mexican-American singer, everything else --- including the face -- was a bit off.  

Cruz, who is originally from the Philippines, decided to take matters into his own hands in an extensive three-day process. The painter told My San Antonio, he watched a lot of interview and concerts of Quintanilla to get inspiration.  Like professional makeup artist, Cruz contoured the face using paint to accentuating areas of the face in a process he calls, "head sculpt."


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So how much is the California-based artist charging for this work of art? The doll, which was listed on eBay, sold for a whopping $907.00 with 15 bids.  Of course, this is the not first time Cruz has beautifully transformed a Selena Quintanilla doll. Check out some of his previous pieces. 



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