Arizona Immigration Ruling: Who Really Won?

Within minutes of the Supreme Court ruling on the Arizona immigration law SB1070, both sides were declaring a clear victory for their cause. Those on the side of the Arizona law, and helped to craft the law itself, said that the court's decision help to affirm the right of the states to create laws that address regional problems. Those who oppose the law insisted that the court affirmed federal authority, and cerated a clear path to challenge SB1070's lone standing provision.

But in Arizona, this provision has created a new height of fear, says the Huffington Post. They state that the provision, which allows officers to determine immigration status while looking into other crimes, will allow for legal harrassment and intimidation for those who "fit the profile" of undocumented immigrants. 

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer declared the Supreme Court's decision a win for Arizona, but others warn that her "win" will be disputed in the coming weeks, if not months -- and that the real winner was those who could have been criminalized for their immigration status. For many, the battle isn't over.

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