The Season of Balance: Your April Horoscope

Tatiana Tarot: April Forecast
It’s finally spring, and things are already starting to look up. See what April has in store for you.
Aries II 9 of Wands + Wheel of Fortune + Queen of Swords
The 9 of Wands indicates your persistence, a strong sense of determination which comes over you and has proven to be resilient in your battles of life. A constant need to thrive and establish yourself as a success, this card can indicate a physical journey you will need to take to get there. The Wheel of Fortune will bring karmic matters to your attention for you to transcend, be that in your personal relationships, family, finances, friends, career, creativity, and relationship to self. As the wheel turns, we will be facing cycles again, either ending them or allowing them the green light to continue blessing our path. This is when the presence of the Queen of Swords steps in to enable you to gain structure and balance in your life. You will learn how to make yourself your home, regardless of what is going on around you - there are many transitions, and if you are not grounded, you can lose grip on your orientation and momentum. The Queen of Swords presents you with new abilities to your power, use them entirely this month to advance. Trust yourself completely and go where your heart leads you.
Taurus II Queen of Pentacles + Ace of Rods + 3 of Pentacles
April brings you a stable sense of security; this is a concrete vision of yourself in years to come that you feel confident, you’ll be able to attain. The Queen of Pentacles knows herself in and out because, in order to own your power truly, you must be mindful of your strengths and weaknesses. You have the ability to manifest anything that her heart desires with enough commitment and dedication; your perseverance is unwavering this month. The Ace of Rods presents an unexpected opportunity for you to take the lead and leap into the unknown; many will be learning from your example, but in life, you should be the initiator of your intentions. This card also presents phenomenal blessings that will propel your growth further than you can imagine. The 3 of Pentacles further supports your leadership role by introducing the energy of community and teamwork; if you are yet to be involved in a supportive group, you may just find your niche or start taking the lead in facilitating some of your interest gatherings. This card shows you working in harmony with others to accomplish mutual goals and intentions; this is steady but rapid progress - as they say, strength in numbers. 
Gemini II Page of Rods + 7 of Swords + Death
The Page of Rods finds you transcending harsh lessons from the prior months; you are eager to move beyond repetitive thoughts, cycles - ready to step into a new birthing of self.  You may be transcending an old relationship, ready to leave your career for a new one or move from your environment to a new place that can accommodate these changes. The 7 of Swords points to an old burden resurfacing; this may very well be a test from the universe to see whether or not you have integrated this lesson and changed.  The 7 of Swords highlights your need to relax regarding your personal journey, nothing everything is meant to be defined or understood all at once; you may just have to allow your experiences to guide you and lead you to the meaning instead of you setting it beforehand. Death may bring the illusion that you need certain elements in your life to function wholly; this is far from the truth, in fact, it’s energy will be removing exactly what you don’t need, from bad habits to bad relationships. Don’t be alarmed; it’s doing its job to serve you well. You can only make this process easier on yourself by admitting that life goes on and accepting that this cleanses indeed for your highest good. 
Cancer II 5 of Swords + 9 of Pentacles + Ace of Swords
The 5 of Swords brings awareness to a stage of struggle, lies, deceit and harsh realities. You are learning that not everything is as it seems and there may be more that meets the eye; as a result, you live in truth and are fine tuning your life to reflect those values. It may be a time to come out to many people about your intentions, relationship to them and how you envision your future with them. The 5 of Swords can bring the energy of disappointment, defeat and need to sever ties with certain aspects of your past that continue. Prepare for the truth to be revealed but don’t get hyped up in negativity, it is ultimately leading you towards living a more carefree and authentic life. The 9 of Pentacles is about cultivating new and luxurious tastes; you are gaining more responsibilities in life - either official figures appreciate the value that you bring, or you excel at helping others in other endeavors, it is certain that you are increasing personal power and magnetism. A pool of benevolence, you are happy to share your goods and advice with others and can very well be indulging in some shopping and purchasing things that symbolise your new sense of self. The Ace of Swords is mental agility, a sharpness to your thinking that enables you only to avoid problems altogether. You exhibit strong critical thinking skills that can help you in your plans, very similar to thinking 5-10 steps ahead of the game - use this gift to strategize to jump ahead of the match. 
Leo II 10 of Pentacles + Knight of Pentacles + 7 of Pentacles
The 10 of Pentacles has you coming out of your shell and welcoming others into your life; this can be manifested as new friends, new co-workers, or the need to just explore your environment and get acquainted with your tribe and community on a stronger level.  The 10 of Pentacles can represent an ideal partnership, April may be the month where you meet you match - if it’s romantically inclined, you can expect some business undertones to be thrown in there, if not, then this partnership will usher in much prosperity for you and the world around you. In fact, April is a phenomenal month to meet and exceed your financial priorities and goals. The Knight of Pentacles is kicking off your success with some stable ground, something that you begin to invest in this month proves to be a smart move, gaining much momentum and excitement over what’s to come in the future. Stay consistent on your path and dedicated on your development because what you do this month will pay off in the years to come. The 7 of Pentacles brings back nostalgic memories and perhaps may even have you emotional as you reflect on where you came from and where you are going. Periodically check in with self, to give yourself the acknowledgement and support that you need. Seldom do we take the time to look back and track our progress, nor do we set aside time to honor ourselves for the courage and faith we had shown throughout the journey. The 7 of Pentacles advises you to remain at the space you are in; there is no reason to go faster than what you are doing, everything has its season to flourish in abundance.
Virgo II The Hanged Man + 4 of Wands + 10 of Swords
The Hanged man can indicate hesitation, lethargy or fear of success. Just are you are striving forward, the fear can rear it’s head to remind you of your limitations and anxiety that you pile on yourself, but it isn’t real. Ultimately, you are more enlightened than your limitations, and so if you are choosing to hold yourself back you also have the choice to do otherwise; this month is about balancing your demons and disciplining yourself to the core.
The 4 of Wands is a comfortable feeling of finding the frequency of home; this is not a physical location but a sensation that you resonate within. The sense of harmony, ease, comfort are represented in the 4 of Wands, symbolizing that you are working towards a real sense of fulfilment and inner satisfaction. It ensures an abundance of good times and trust in self that you have been able to lead yourself in the right direction and are satisfied with where you are at, although you want to achieve more. The 10 of Swords can bring to awareness, a harsh reality that you’ve been avoiding or perhaps looking to cope with but didn’t know how.  It is the end of an exhaustive way of living, liberating your spirit and making yourself playful, relaxing and filled with light spirit. The goal is to alleviate your burdens and to rise in evolution; this circumstance will transpire to allow you to do just that. 
Libra II The World + 8 of Swords + 4 of Cups
Prepare to expand beyond your wildest dreams; you are taking much more initiative in your life than ever before, finally awakening to the power that you hold within. The World will bring about many tests from the universe that are of a positive nature; be careful what you wish for, it may just all come at once. People will find you incredibly valuable this month, and you may gain several responsibilities on top of what you already carry; don’t worry about failure, with the right mindset you can only succeed. The 8 of Swords alludes to fear, procrastination and hesitation - all of which can stem back to a sense of worthlessness or an inability to take action when need be. Your best bet is to prove the world and yourself otherwise by making any leaps of faith this month and committing to your success, regardless of how you feel. The 8 of Swords shows that you are closer to where you want to be, what separates you from your destination is your mentality and limitations. Remove the blindfold from your eyes and engage in a daily practice of self-gratitude; what are the attributes that are invaluable to you, that you already contain? What is missing from within you, that you will need to reach your destination? The universe is attempting to present that very awareness to you, but you may have too clouded of a mind to see. The 4 of Cups can allude to avoidance, or the inability to accept a lesson due to arrogance or assumption. It’s best to detach yourself from any situation is in and carry an open and heart into the experience. 
Scorpio II 6 of Wands + 5 of Swords + 7 of Pentacles
The 6 of Wands’ energy can propel you to do all that you can for yourself and your loved ones; mainly, you just want to make people proud, but most importantly you want to prove to yourself that you can tackle on any obstacle and come out victoriously. The 5 of Swords alludes to a sense of feeling defeated, depleted or weary of other’s intentions. As a result, you have been paying close attention to the energy behind other’s motives, what they are truly communicating to you through body language and spirit and most importantly, what they are not directly talking with you. You are mindful to live your life in a more pure way, your priorities are straightened and focused on yourself, and you have done the work to keep everyone else around you in check as well. If you are feeling a temptation of any sort, coming on, don’t give in; the 5 of Swords can be a revisiting thought or feeling of anxiety that stems from prior mistakes or regrets. April is such a phenomenal month to change the course of your life and probably your identity, don’t succumb to thoughts that are not lifting you where you need to be. The 7 of Pentacles can have you wondering if you will ever have your time to shine or to create the amount of wealth you want to establish in your life. The key to creating wealth is feeling as if you are already wealthy and acting on that now. Trust in the process but most importantly believe that you are doing all that you can with what you have.