7 Anti-Catcalling Illustrations All Latinas Will Appreciate

"No soy tu mamacita," 24-year-old Debi Hasky yelled back at the Panamanian street workers whistling and hollering at her while living in the Central American country. "Así me gustan. Toda bravita," the men replied.

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Feeling frustrated, uncomfortable and disempowered, the Miami native responded the best way she knew how: designing illustrations that bring light to street harassment and encourage other mujeres to start conversations on the issue.

"Being treated as a walking sexual object never made me feel empowered or good about myself. I felt helpless. I didn’t feel like a person," Hasky said. "I hope my illustrations inspire people to embrace their unique qualities, giving them the courage to express their emotions. Your feelings are valid. You are not alone."

While Hasky’s Call Out Catcalls series centers on her experience in Latin America, the situation isn't very different for U.S. Latinas. In fact, a 2014 national study from Stop Street Harassment found that 45 percent of Latinos have encountered verbal harassment, and most of the community is "somewhat or very concerned" about the issue.

Ahead, find some catcalls call-out inspiration from Hasky’s series, and, if you want more from this fearless and talented Latina, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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And now I won't be giving you my name, which means you should not talk me – like ever.

2. 2

Reminder: Women don't dress or wear makeup for male attention.

3. 3

In fact, we are not related at all. Why are you talking to strangers?

4. 4

And only me!

5. 5

I know I'm a "gordibuena." No need for the reminder, dude.

6. 6

So don't eff with us, bruh.

7. 7

Thighs save lives, so keep your opinion, whether it shames or praises my muslos, to yourself.