Former Dominican Beauty Queen Wears Blackface to Imitate Afro-Latina Singer Amara La Negra

Former Dominican Beauty Queen Wears Blackface to Imitate Afro-Latina Singer Amara La Negra

Latinxs don't just experience discrimination from dominant, white culture. Sometimes, racism and colorism is perpetuated within our communities as well.

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Case in point: TV host and former Nuestra Belleza Latina contestant Geisha Montes de Oca took the stage of her show Aquí Se Habla Español wearing blackface. She was imitating another dominicana, singer Amara La Negra, but did so by problematically wearing dark makeup, an afro wig and hip pads.

According to Black Girl, Long Hair, many viewers took to the show's Instagram account to express their frustrations with portrayal of blackface. 

"This is a disgrace to the entire Hispanic community," one commenter wrote in Spanish. 

"This is disgusting," another added. "She is making a mockery of her own African descent ... so sad. Love the DR, but the people are so stuck with the slave mentality. They see nothing wrong with it."

While Amara hasn't explicitly commented on Montes de Oca's actions, she has reposted video and pictures from the stunt on her own personal Instagram account

Colorism within the Latinx community most certainly isn't anything new. We're all too familiar of our own families criticizing Latinx women for being morenita, or "worse," la negra. Regardless of what Montes de Oca's intentions were with this performance, she blatantly abused her white Latinx privilege by taking on an often scrutinized identity she could never relate to, one that Amara has criticized in the past.

"Being an Afro-Latina in the Latin market is particularly difficult, because you essentially have to work twice as hard to prove yourself," Amara once told us in an interview. "As much as people want to say that racism is over and it doesn't exist, it does, especially in the Latin market."

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Amara experienced that colorism in front of a live audience, which largely applauded the troubling caricature.