What Does It Even Mean To Be "Pocho"?

Al Madrigal Explores What It Means To Be Pocho

In a Fusion special Half Like Me, comedian Al Madrigal discusses his identity as a half-Mexican, half-Sicilian man living in America — and, more specifically, his status as a total pocho

Madrigal, best known for his skits on The Daily Show with Jon Stewartdelves into what it means to be pocho, a.k.a. a Mexican who looks 'brown' on the outside but can't speak Spanish and acts 'white.' 

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"Being half has always been confusing," he says. "White people think you're Mexican. I've had people throw me towels at me at health clubs. And Latinos give me shit about not being Latino enough: 'Hey, you don't even say your own name right, bro!'"

(Note: Edward James Olmos awesomely echoed these sentiments in an infamous scene from Selena. "We have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans, and more American than the Americans, both at the same time! It's exhausting," he yells. "Nobody knows how tough it is being a Mexican-American!")

So, in the midst of an identity crisis, Madrigal embarks on a "Pocho Quest" to discover what the heck being pocho even means in the United States today. 

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