This Website Hires Puerto Rican Islanders, Helps Buy Goods, and More

The best Christmas and holiday shopping is the kind that also gives back to the community in a fantastic way. It’s no secret that the island of Puerto Rico was left financially, physically, and even emotionally devastated following the destruction of Hurricane Maria. Now, local initiatives have decided to take matters into their own hands and put the talent of Puerto Rican locals at the forefront.

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There is so much value in people’s capabilities and resources stemming directly from Puerto Rico, that now more than ever is the perfect time for it to be showcased for a great cause. Shop and Hire Puerto Rico connects local Puerto Rican businesses and job-seekers with U.S. shoppers and employers. That’s right; this is an online hub with a dual purpose- to shop local goods coming straight from the Island and to hire local and talented Boricuas in several job markets.

Shop and Hire Puerto Rico was Launched November 20th, under Colmena66, a vertical of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust, (a non-profit). The top categories of shopping are handmade apparel, body creams and beard oils, baked goods, coffee, and home decor.  The top groups for hires are graphic design and photoshop experts, website developers, web programmers, email marketers, and accountants. It’s pretty amazing and innovative to be able to find all of this one site!


Denisse Rodriguez, the director of Colmena66, told Bustle, the goal of the project is "to boost economic development," and "implement the start of the e-commerce culture in Puerto Rico." After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has faced a massive exodus of people fleeing the Island in search of better opportunities and financial situations. “We need to be creative now more than ever, so our entrepreneurs don’t feel the need to leave the island,” Rodríguez told NBC News

With the holidays right around the corner, turning to Shop and Hire Puerto Rico for all your holiday needs would be the gift that keeps on giving. From the website,
"When you buy from the island's local businesses or hire a Puerto Rican freelancer you're helping pave the way for the recovery of our economy.”

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