LACMA's Introduces It's First Instagram Artist in Residence, Guadalupe Rosales

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has named Guadalupe Rosales as its first Instagram artist in residence. With her appreciation for the ‘90s Los Angeles party crew scene, her art pays homage to the people who embodied this aesthetic in their daily lives.

Rosales’ pieces on Chicano lifestyle created a buzz on social media with the content she posts on her archival Instagram accounts, Veteranas and Rucas (@veteranas_and_rucas) and Map Pointz (@map-pointz). These are platforms she uses to showcase breathtaking photographs of people, objects, rave scene memorabilia, video footage, etc. Her artwork, however, is not meant to simply be displayed; Rosales makes it a point to provide an experience. 



In an interview with Unframed, Rita Gonzalez, curator and acting head of Contemporary Art at LACMA raves about Rosales’ ability to highlight “[…] the different ways of telling stories visually, drawing out people's experiences in a narrative way.” She adds, “Starting with a found or gifted photograph or a flyer, Guadalupe uses her voice and the voices of others in a commentary that constitutes a historical framing. That’s what curators do at museums; they create context by putting the objects in relationship to other works and they encourage people to think about how art from different cultural perspectives and time periods can align and cause one to rethink one’s experience.”



The collaboration, as revealed by Rosales in the interview, emerged after the director of LACMA discovered her work at the Vincent Prince Art Museum in Monterey Park. She ensures that, “This project will be educational and encourage casual conversations about art in Los Angeles. There is no right or wrong way of speaking about art. For instance, two people can be looking at the same sculpture or painting and have two different experiences. Both are just as valid. Whether someone studied art or not, all feelings and opinions are valid.”



Rosales’ 6 week takeover on LACMA’s Instagram account will end mid-august, so be sure to keep up with the exclusive collaboration as it unfolds.