6 Afro-Latinas Who Are Changing the World!

When it comes to being valued, appreciated, or even recognized as part of the 50 million Hispanics in the country, Afro-Latinas have come a long way and still have a ways to go. Whether they are activists who work to spread awareness, business professionals blazing a trail in their field or celebs who make a difference just by being on the A-list, in honor of Black History Month we're taking a look at a few Afro-Latinas who are at the forefront of the fight.

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1. Black Latinas: Ilia Calderon

Ilia Calderon

Latinos are incredibly diverse, but you would never know that by looking at Univision or Telemundo, which are dominated by lighter-skinned gente. An exception is the gifted interviewer and news anchor Calderon, the Colombian anchor of Noticiero Univision: Edicion Nocturna. 

2. Black Latinas: Miriam Jimenez Roman

Miriam Jimenez Roman

As head of the non-profit Afrolatino/a Forum, Jimenez has coordinated conferences on the black diaspora and issues facing Afro-Latinos and edited a book of essays by black Latinos, The Afro-Latin@ Reader:  History and Culture in the United States. 

3. Black Latinas: Miriam Muley

Miriam Muley

The Puerto Rican marketing maven owns 85% Niche, a firm that advises businesses on attracting women of all colors, including Latinas.

4. Black Latinas: Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson

Having co-founded the non-profit Voto Latino, the Cuban-Puerto Rican actress continues to encourage Latinos of all colors to register to vote so our voices are heard.

5. Black Latinas: Soledad O'Brien

Soledad O’Brien

The CNN morning anchor raised awareness about Latinos and black Latinos through special reports and is the only Latina—of any color in a major position at a national English-language network.

6. Black Latinas: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

She’s outspoken about being a black Dominicana and she’s a Hollywood darling: A potent combination for disseminating pride, awareness and understanding.

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