15-Year-Old Latino Was Shot 5 Times Trying to Save His Classmates and it's Heartbreaking


During the Parkland, Florida shooting, a 15-year-old student was shot five times in an attempt to save his classmates and is credited with saving the lives of at least 20 people. 

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Anthony Borges is the heroic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who was shot in both legs and once in the back while trying to close and lock a classroom door. He, along with three other survivors, are recovering at Broward Health Hospital.

Royer Borger, the teen's father says his son called him after he was shot and that at one point he couldn’t hear the teenager’s voice anymore. In an interview with CNN's Spanish-language service, he says, “[My son] told me later ’I had to drop the phone because I thought he was coming in and I wanted to pretend I was asleep so he wouldn’t continue shooting.” 

Anthony Borges and his family are originally from Venezuela. His father says the boy is well-known among local sports clubs for his soccer skills and that he trains with Barcelona’s youth academy near Fort Lauderdale. 

Carlos Rodriguez, one of Anthony's friends, told Good Morning America that nobody knew what to do in the moments of the shooting but that Borges “took the initiative to just save his other classmates."

The boy's act of selflessness and heroism is gaining national attention. American soccer star Landon Donovan rallied his fans on social media and encouraged people to donate to the charity website, which has since passed its goals of $500,000 in only five days. The Broward County Sheriff has also confirmed the legitimacy of the site.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders has also praised Anthony and thanked him for his courage. “We are all rooting for you,” she said.

He is in stable condition but has a very long and difficult road to recovery ahead of him, according to the donation site. 

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The father of the victim, set up a GoFundMe page for his courageous son.