You're Going to Want to See This 11-Year-Old Boy Anti-Trump Cartoons


President Donald Trump approval rating isn't great among adults but what about children growing up with the celebrity president? His remarks such as his recent "shithole" comment and his ongoing demand for a wall are hard not to escape. 

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One 11-year old boy has strong opinions about the President and uses his Instagram account, Anti Trump Cartoons, to show his version of the President. He calls himself a "resister" and has almost 12K followers already. His talent and his references to the President's behavior and his shocking remarks. 


How Trump sees the world

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Oh Donald, Donald, Donald...

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Tipping the scales of justice⚖️

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His anti-Trump cartoons feature "caricatures of your favorite and least favorite political figures."

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He might only be 11 but he seems to get it.