Zimmerman Taken into Custody, Wife Doesn't Press Charges

Following a heated altercation with his wife and father-in-law on Monday, George Zimmerman was taken into custody by police. But according to Fox News Latino, Shellie Zimmerman and her father Colin Morgan, have decided not to press charges.

Fox News Latino reports that the two have accused one another of being the agressor, but Shellie refused to give a sworn statement to police. During the 911 call, Shellie told police dispatcher, "I don't know what he's capable of. I am really, really scared," reports ABC News.

Shellie's call to Lake Mary Police also revealed that her estranged husband punched her father in the nose, snatched her iPad out of her hand and broke it, and threatened to shoot them. "Dad get inside the house. George might start shooting at us. I don't know. We are going inside the house. Oh my God," said Shellie while on the phone with police.

Although Shellie and her father have decided not to press charges against 29-year-old Zimmerman, police have collected surveillance video from the home and have the right to file charges based on footage seen.