Journalist Captures Picture of Girl Drinking from Sidewalk Puddle in Argentina Heatwave

Misiones Online

On Wednesday, December 13th, a journalist took a shocking picture of a tiny girl on her hands and knees quenching her thirst from a dirty puddle during a 100 F heatwave in poverty-stricken, Posadas, Argentina.

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Posadas is in the Missions province of Argentina which is home to a group of culturally related indigenous peoples of South America, called the Mbyá Guaraní. They also reside in what is present-day Paraguay as well as southern Brazil.

Since then the captured image of the child has made headlines in international newspapers in South America and Spain.

The local Misiones Online journalist, unfortunately, accustomed to seeing these children on the streets begging for food, noted that she took the picture at a red traffic light. According to the article, the heartbreaking image was shared by another colleague with a group of friends who managed to get together things for them including bottled water.

The distressing image has also shown that there are many children in this area being exploited by adults to beg for food and money in the center. 

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Migue Ríos, who works at UNICEF Argentina based in Posadas, shared the picture online and confirmed the girl was taken to a hospital. He wrote, "Why did I post the photo? So that we finally start talking as a society about a problem which we often don't do anything about because no-one highlights it, while those who should do something just carry on lining their pockets.''