Latino Soldier Gets Dream Wedding

The Gary Sinise Foundation (which helps veterans and their families in need) raised funds to buy the couple a Smart Home, which is customized for injured veterans such as Dominguez. A Smart Home contains features such as retractable cooktops, automated lighting, heating, and air-conditioning. The home was presented to the couple last year; actor John Voight was even on hand during the presentation.

Additional support came from Bill Wilson, a local winery owner who offered to throw them a wedding complete with the venue, food and wine. Local event planner Jennifer Molloy offered to donate her services also.

She told that she felt like she had been chosen by the couple.

“Sometimes I couldn't even finish a sentence when I would talk to one of my fellow event associates and they would be jumping at the chance to donate services, anything," she said.

It’s so heartwarming to see how much support was poured into Dominguez’s wedding. People also offered to pitch in for the wedding ring and Alexis’ wedding dress. But Dominguez couldn’t accept all that.

“I wanted to take care of that,” he said.

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