The World's Most Powerful Latinas

Latinas are awesome at ruling the world. Need proof? Check out the Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women in the World list! Whether it's running a company, country, or career, we know exactly how to shine our way to the top. Now that's another reason to love being Latina.

1. Forbes Power: Dilma Roussef

Dilma Rousseff

Age: 64

Position on The List: #3

Our nation can take a few lessons from the President of Brazil. During her term, she launched a campaign titled, "Brazil Without Misery," which aims to help increase access to education and medical care. She told Forbes in an interview,  “What I want my legacy to be is this country to be increasing middle class, to be highly competitive and highly educated."

2. Forbes Power: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Age: 59

Position on The List: #16

The President of Argentina has been compared to Eva Peron for her powerful speeches and ability to move the public. During her term, Christina has fought for gay marriage, women’s rights, and has increased Argentina’s economy and lowered their national poverty rate.


3. Forbes Power: Maria das Gracas Silva Foster

Maria das Gracas Silva Foster

Age: 58

Position on the List: #20

As the CEO of the Brazilian oil company Petrobras-Petroleo, Maria leads the company which supplies 91 percent of the oil in the Latin American country.


4. Forbes Power: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Age: 43

Position on The List: #38

J.Lo may not have completed her degree at Baruch University, but she’s still considered one of their top alumni with a total annual net worth of $52 million as of May 2012. Jenny From The Block hit the jackpot from her humble beginnings in the Bronx and gives back to her community as a spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the founder of Lopez Family Foundation, her nonprofit organization which helps provide medical care to women and children across the globe.

5. Forbes Power: Shakira


Age: 35

Position on The List: #40

While people keep chatting about whether Shakira is pregnant with her first child from boyfriend, Gerard Pique, the Colombian pop star keeps ruling the world. Besides closing a deal between Live Nation and her former label Sony for an estimated $60 million, Shakira continues to lobby for quality education across the globe with her Barefoot Foundation.

6. Forbes Power: Rosalia Mera

Rosalia Mera

Age: 68

Position on the List: #54

With a net worth of $4.5 billion, Rosalia is known as one of the richest women in Spain and the world. As the founder of the parent company for the retail store Zara, Rosalia built her empire and later launched the organization, Paideia Foundation, which helps the disabled integrate into society.

7. Forbes Power: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Age: 40

Position on The List: #75

The mainstream finally got a taste of the talented Colombian actress on the hit ABC show, Modern Family, and the world just can’t get enough. Sofia has racked up endorsements with Covergirl and Pepsi, which makes-up her net worth of $19 million so far this year. She’s also the co-founder for the media company LatinWE, which earned about $27 million last year. No wonder she's the most desirable woman of 2012!

8. Forbes Power: Gisele Bundchen

Giselle Bundchen

Age: 32

Position on the List: #83

Giselle isn’t just a pretty face. The Brazilian model has earned $45 million this year and is an ambassador for the U.N Environmental Program. Good looks and a good heart made her the richest model in the game.