Texas Woman Charged With Breaking An Interracial Couple’s Car Windows and Yelling Racist Slurs

Facebook/Melissa Shelton

Melissa Shelton was indicted on February 1 in Guadalupe County, Texas on charges of felony mischief, according to TheRoot.com. Authorities say she smashed the car windows of interracial couple Jason and Victoria Chapa. Jason is Mexican American and his wife is African American.

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On December 19, 2017, the Chapas left a family event in Marion, Texas and stopped to check out homes in a new area. They left their vehicle to check out a particular house and Shelton, 29, smashed their front and back windows. After hearing the glass shatter, they raced back to their car and Shelton allegedly began screaming that they were “niggers” and “spics” who were too poor to move into her neighborhood.

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The Chapas called the police and two deputies responded to the incident, but The Marion Police Department did not give Shelton a citation. However, after public pressure, the MPD submitted the police report to the Guadalupe County District Attorney’s Office. A grand jury indicted Shelton on February 1.

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