Will Mitt Romney Pick a Latino for VP?

Mitt Romney may still be going strong in his presidential race, but he continues to struggle with getting Latino voters on his side. According to several political strategists, the presidential hopeful is looking to pick a Latino candidate to run as his vice president – with Senator Marco Rubio, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in mind.

This year, nearly 22 million Latinos will be legally allowed to vote in the upcoming election, which means politicians have to improve their blueprint on issues that matter most to us including, jobs, education, and immigration.

Romney has already created strikes against gaining the Latino vote after calling out for illegal immigrants to leave the country and strongly opposing the DREAM Act, which would allow immigrants to continue their higher education in the U.S. and qualify for citizenship. 

During his GOP debate in Las Vegas, Romney stated, “We’re blessed to have an enormous number of highly qualified Hispanic Americans in the Republican Party and leadership right now.” He added, “These members can form membership in our Cabinet, I believe, and potentially... some other positions as well.”

So far Rubio has clarified that he will not run as the vice president nominee to MSNBC, although he did endorse Romney’s political campaign. In addition, Martinez has refused to comment on the matter and Sandoval has also expressed disinterest in running for vice president.

Will you be more likely to vote for Romney if he has a Latino VP?