WATCH: How Whiteness as a Construct Helped Donald Trump Win the Presidential Election

Donald Trump will head to the White House in 2017 largely because he tapped into one group: poor whites. But how is it that an impoverished community put their support behind a one-percenter? A Fusion video called "White People: An Explainer" breaks it down.

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The almost 4-minute-long video looks at how the construct of whiteness was created in the U.S., illustrating how it was used to divide poor classes against each other and how this process of division was also utilized by Trump and his campaign to achieve similar results.

“Whiteness is tricky,” Fusion journalist Anna Sterling said in the video. “Not all white people were created equal. White people with power have had to reconstruct the definition of whiteness over time. Luckily, they can do that because whiteness is just something made up and used as a tool to preserve power.”

According to Sterling, the belief that white people are superior to other racial groups helped Trump supporters look beyond their economic concerns, which are similar to many communities of color, and vote for a candidate that boosts their white egos, not their pocketbooks.

“Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president based largely on a platform of keeping out Mexicans and Muslims,” she said. “And instead of the poor and working class uniting, racial tension and xenophobia distract us from a very real division: money.”

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Watch the full video above.