UPDATE: What We Know About the Boston Bombings - 2 Suspects, 1 Dead, 1 Captured

According to authorities the brothers then carjacked an SUV and released the driver 30 minutes later. That’s when police starting giving chase, with the car’s occupants throwing out explosives as they sped away from police, according to a statement released by the Middlesex district attorney’s office.

The chase continued into Watertown street, where, a resident told the New York Times he saw police and two men engaged in “constant gunfire.” Police drove an SUV toward the shooters, he told the newspaper, and was shot at and severely damaged.

The resident, Andrew Kitzenberg, 29, said that the suspects had a big bomb that looked “like a pressure cooker.”  “They lit it, still in the middle of the gunfire, and threw it. But it went 20 yards at most.” After it exploded, he said, Tamerlan Tsarnaev ran toward police officers. He was shot and later died at a hospital.

Meanwhile his brother Dzhokhar drove the carjacked SUV toward police officers, “went right through the cops, broke right through.” During the exchange a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officer was seriously injured and taken to a hospital.

The men left backpacks by the car, and police were using a bomb robot to approach them.