Weird News of the Day: Chupacabra Sighting in Arizona and Pancho Villa's Finger for Sale in Texas?

Has the legendary Chupacabra (aka that mythical creature known to suck the blood of livestock and first reported in Puerto Rico way back in 1995) scurried its way back into the limelight?  According to Darrin Jackson, it has. The Arizona civilian told ABC local affiliate reporters that he noticed something unusual running from a park while he was driving his kids to school. He shot video of the creature, which he described as all "gray and hairless except for a bit at the top – with a funny-looking tail."

Jackson told reporters he felt he needed to call someone.  “Well, if I call 911, they’re gonna think I’m crazy,” he said.  “So I just said I saw a crazy animal and they put me on hold with Animal Control.”  Jackson shot the video as he followed the animal to the parking lot of a nearby restaurant. The creature then disappeared into a sewer drain – all that was left were an empty field, some dogs, and a few bunny rabbits, Jackson said.

The believed resurgence of the Chupacabra isn’t the only weird piece of news out right now. On sale now is what many claim to be the severed and mummified finger of Pancho Villa, the famed Mexican revolutionary.  According to the Associated Press, the finger is being sold for $9,500 at a Texan pawn shop.  Store manager David Delgadillo said a man entered the store seven years ago and offered to pawn the right finger that Villa used to fire pistols. “We don’t know if it’s real or not, but it’s still a nice piece,” he told the AP.  Louis Ray Sadler, a history professor emeritus at New Mexico State University, doesn’t believe the finger is really Villa’s.  “I'm not aware of anything where somebody cut off his finger,” he said.  “It's just crazy.” It's crazier, even, than that story last year about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez exhuming his idol Simon Bolivar's bones!