This Week in Latino News

Meet Christian Lopez: The Yankees' diehard who caught Derek Jeter's 300th hit and returned it to his idol.

A court ruling leads to victory for NJ Gov. Chris Christie, as he is now able to get rid of programs that offer free or low-cost health care to legal immigrants.
Veterinarian Livia Pereira kisses paralyzed lion, Ariel, whom she is caring for in her home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. An Internet and Facebook campaign has been launched to raise funds to treat the lion, which has been paralyzed for the past year. 
Dr. Pedro Cavadas is being called the "miracle doctor" after he and his team performed the first-ever double leg transplant in Spain. The surgery lasted through the night, as doctors spent hours connecting bones and implanting and reconnecting tendons, arteries, veins and muscles.
Part of former Rep. Anthony Weiner's NY district is targeted for redistricting and has become the latest battleground for a Latino organization, which is trying to increase the political clout of Hispanics in Congress.

A glow in the dark mushroom in Brazil has been newly rediscovered after being missing for 170 years.

Paramilitary gangs have contributed to a surge in violence in Colombia.