This Week in Latino News

The Week in Latino News begins with a Venezuelan beauty queen who chronicles her grueling battle with cancer. 

eva young venezuela beauty queen

New York pushes forward with its own version of the DREAM Act.

dream act new york

Forget Farmville and your cow -- Guerra Maya let's you have awesome pyramids.

guerra maya facebook

>With the national pastime back, we take a look at the sport with the biggest focus on records and statistics by highlighting Latinos in baseball -- by the numbers.

hanley ramirez

El Paso really, really wants you to know that it is one of the safest cities in the U.S. despite it's proximity to Ciudad Juárez.The Texas city is seeking to rebrand itself.

el paso texas

A quest for eight tons of pure Mayan gold turned up empty. Well, unless you call finding one ceramic pot a success.

cracked mayan code gold

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