WATCH: Michelle Obama Boogies Down to Gloria Estefan

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama seem to have a thing for Latin music and we love it!

First Shakira shook her hips at the president’s inauguration and recently the queen of Latin Pop, Gloria Estefan, performed at the Congressional Club’s lunch in honor of the First Lady at the Washington Hilton. Many of the women present claimed it was one of the best performances they’ve ever had at the luncheon. Michelle Obama truly got down, because come on—who can stay seated with the Miami Sound Machine playing? The First Lady particularly enjoyed "Mi Terra" and at one point, started up a conga line that circled around the aisles.

Estefan gave the First Lady love right back. “We’re so proud of you." gushed the "Conga" singer. "Thank you for giving our young women somebody incredible to look up to.”

The Congressional Club luncheon looked like a tropical sensation with bright hot pink and orange tablecloths and beached themed goodie bags. This event benefited the Negro Spiritual Scholarship Foundation, the Florida Alliance for Arts Education and Operation Homefront.

Catch a few minutes of the performance below: