WATCH: Latino Medal of Honor Winner Sgt. Petry on 'The Daily Show'

Sgt. First Class Leroy Petry, the Latino soldier who was awarded a Medal of Honor by President Obama this past Tuesday for saving the lives of two fellow Army Rangers, spoke to Jon Stewart in an exclusive interview yesterday.  Petry, whose mother is Mexican American, was shot in both legs and lost a hand during a daytime mission in Afghanistan in 2006. He now wears a high-tech, metal prosthetic hand.

Latino Soldier Receives Medal of Honor

After he was injured in both legs during the day raid, Petry, who has done six tours in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq, led a fellow Army Ranger to cover and radioed for support.  He showed extreme bravery when two grenades were thrown close to his comrades and he picked one up and threw it back at the insurgents.  The host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart asked the 31-year-old father of four if it was training or something in him that helped him to maintain a leadership role in such a stressful situation.

“It’s training and it’s the fact that we’re all brothers out there and just like I wouldn’t give up on one of my children, I wouldn’t give up on my brothers,” he said.  “I was taking care of my own that day.”

Watch the full, unedited interviews below: