WATCH: Colombian Nun Held Hostage By Al-Qaeda Begs Pope Francis to Help Free Her

A video of a Colombian nun who was kidnapped almost a year ago in the country of Mali has surfaced online.

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According to reports, Gloria Cecilia Narvaez is being held by the Macina Liberation Front Islamist militant group. In the video, she is seen begging for the intervention of Pope Francis to help free her.

She was seized by armed men on February 7th in Mali’s southern Karangasso region, where she had been working for a health center.

“We’ll have to wait for a statement from that group to know what they will demand,” said General Fernando Murillo, the head of the national police’s anti-kidnapping division, who believes she was taken by mistake. He also added that the kidnappers have so far sent no proof of life or ransom demands but neither Narvaez’s religious order nor her family have the funds to pay a ransom.

The incident is the first time that Colombia has been involved in the search and rescue of one of its citizens in another country.

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Kidnapping has become a lucrative source of cash for groups like Al Qaeda.