Washington Police Announce it Won't Follow Trump's Orders in Video to Immigrants


Washington's Bellevue Police Department boldly stated that it would not enforce President Donald Trump's strict orders around immigration and deportation in a video made to help alleviate the fears of its undocumented community.

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The over three-minute video, produced in both English and Spanish, is aimed to tell its immigrant residents what officers "will and will not do when it comes to matters of immigration."

According to Chief Steve Mylett, Bellevue police will not follow Trump's strict orders, with an officer adding, "if you are a victim, witness, or suspect in a crime, the Bellevue Police Department will not ask you what your immigration status is."

"There may be problems in the community we haven't heard about because people are afraid to call and we don't want that to happen," noted Bellevue police officer Seth Tyler.

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The video, along with accompanying flyers in six languages, was encouraged by the Chief's Latino Advisory Board to help quell the fears of immigrants in the area.