Was Coca-Cola Invented in Spain?

Was Coca-Cola invented in a 126 year-old liquor factory in Spain? JuanJo Mica, a fourth generation resident of Ayelo says so.

"My great-great uncle took his cola coca syrup to America that same year, 1884, and won a prize at a fair in Philadelphia," he said. "Supposedly, the Americans tried it, liked it and two years later their soft drink, Coca-Cola, was born."

The more popular story of Coca-Cola’s creation leads to John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Altanta who developed the winning formula in 1886. Coca-Cola historian Phil Mooney said, “We have had, at various points in time, claims from places like Scotland and India that the formula originated there.”

So what about the top-secret recipe? Mooney said, "One of the great things about having a secret recipe is that these sorts of stories pop up periodically.”