Venezuelan President Prepares to Meet Pope Francis

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced yesterday that he is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican next Monday. This comes after the Pope's call to Venezuelan's to work on reaching political reconciliation.

According to Fox News Latino, this will be the first time Maduro will meet the Pope. Since taking office, follwing his highly contested presidential win on April 14, Maduro has continued the frequent professions of Christian faith -- a hallmark of the late President Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela's Electoral Council recently completed an audit of the results from April's election which confirmed Maduro won by a 1.5 percentage-point margin. No government official appeared to comment on this outcome.

Political opposition has complained that the council ignored its demand for a full recount. A full recount would have included not just comparing votes electronically registered by machines with the paper ballot receipts they emitted, but also comparing those with the poll station registries that contain voter signatures and digitally recorded fingerprints.