Venezuela's President Says CNN is Out to Get Him

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, 50, is shouting out CNN and not in a good way. The former vice president, who became the interim president after Hugo Chavez passed away, believes the news network is trying to form a coup against his government.

“CNN en Español is a network controlled by those seeking destabilization, which openly urges people to carry out a coup d’etat in Venezuela, and which is delivering a distorted version of our nation’s political and social life,” Maduro said on national television on Monday.

Maduro won the popular vote back in April, but has become enraged by reports claiming that the ruling party has been split. As a result, he openly declared that CNN is attempting to create a larger campaign of “brutal psychological warfare” led by the “fascist right-wing.”

The outlet reacted to Maduro’s allegations in a public statement. “On various occasions, CNN en Español has invited president Maduro to speak to us on-air and, as of this moment, our invitations have been rejected,” the address read.

Do you think Maduro is being paranoid or speaking the truth?