Is Venezuela Snowden's Last Resort?

It seems NSA's whistleblower is growing desperate in his search for a new place to call home. Edward J. Snowden has been frantically trying to find a country to grant him asylum, sending out requests to nearly 20 nations.

According to The New York Times, Snowden is claiming that the United States is blocking his asylum bids. On Monday, WikiLeaks issued a statement attributed to Snowden, that denounced President Obama for revoking his passport, opposing his asylum requests and leaving him a "stateless person."

Fox News reports that Snowden’s best bet for leaving Moscow could be Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro – who was in Moscow last week meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Venezuela was among the 19 countries that Snowden requested asylum with late Sunday, according to WikiLeaks which revealed the scope of Snowden's asylum requests Monday night.