Vanity Fair Mexico Editor Reportedly Called Mexicans "Crybabies" After Reaction to Melania Trump Cover

Melania Trump's Vanity Fair Mexico Cover

Vanity Fair Mexico is taking the heat for this one. 

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The publication announced on Thursday that First Lady Melania Trump would be the February cover star, bringing in backlash from the Mexican public.


With the cover reveal a little less than a week after Donald Trump's inauguration, and a day after the executive action for a border wall to be built, many Mexicans were outraged that the publication would attempt to normalize the first family.

Following the criticism, Vanity Fair Mexico's Editorial Director, Lourdes Garzón, reportedly tweeted in Spanish, "You Mexican compatriots are such crybabies."

SHOTS FIRED — but they may have a legitimate excuse.

Vanity Fair Mexico released a statement on its website claiming that the Twitter accounts of Garzón and assistant editorial director Teresa Medina's were hacked, and that they had nothing to do with any insulting messages about Mexico.

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While it might sound legit to some, we're sure other Mexicanos would beg to differ. It doesn't seem Vanity Fair Mexico will be getting themselves out of this one too easily.