Is U.S. Immigration Law Biased Against Women?

When it comes to laws, the idea of gender inequality doesn't usually come to mind. And why should it? Laws were created for everyone without any indication of gender separation. Oddly enough, this isnt the case with the United States' Immigration Law.

According to The Huffington Post, a new study has revealed that immigration law in the U.S. forces women to endure a different experience than men when attempting to gain a legal status in the country.

"Immigration law, which on its face appears gender neutral, actually contains gender biases that create barriers for many women trying to gain legalization within the current immigration system,” the authors of the study said.

Researchers found that the U.S. immigration system does not recognize immigrant women's needs and circumstances. They also found that immigrant women are automatically categorized as dependents, while men are presumed to be the primary breadwinners.

Here's why this comes as a surprise...